Aspect Digital Marketing


Our aim: Simply put is to bring you more potential customers.

How we do it:  Not so simply put, the internet is a complex and ever changing landscape with many traps and dead ends for the unwary. Consider us your guide in the jungle of competing information that is the modern web.

Stimulus: The holy grail of stimulus used to be affording TV and Radio advertising, if you could afford it, you were sure to hit your target market at some point. That was before the growth of choice in TV and Radio channels and stations. Now, each channel has its followers and so does each radio station. Advertising on these platforms has become much more costly to reach the same audience. As costs go down, you have to buy more spots on more channels/stations.

Newspapers are now on-line as well as off and are not the first place people look for a resource. They too have fragmented and while there are some large national brands still being published, their readers have dropped in number.

Magazines also have gone on-line and the choice available has exploded with the advent self publishing on the internet. How then do you reach your target market cost effectively?

You advertise where people spend the majority of their time, on the internet. To stimulate interest in your product or service we place ads on multiple web properties.


Once people have heard of a product, service or business that they’re interested in what do they do? They go on-line, often while sat in front of the TV, they use their smartphone or Tablet to start looking at what others are saying. They’ll read reviews, surf blogs, visit the company website and they’ll take to their favorite social media site and ask their friends and connections for opinions.

This is where you need to have a broad presence on-line, to be as visible in as many places as possible. This is our area of expertise and we can help you not only become visible but get engagement so your brand becomes embedded in the psyche of your target market.


Possibly one of the most important and overlooked aspect of marketing on-line. We not only help you become visible before a customer is ready to buy, once they’ve bought, we’ll reach out and encourage them to leave positive reviews if they haven’t already done so.