Podcasts from Aspect Digital Marketing

I’ve been asked so many time to do a series of Podcasts, that I decided to go ahead and just do it! Each track will either cover a specific aspect of SEO and online marketing, or will give a general overview of a new development or update.

SEO and online marketing can be subjective, in other words, some experts will say one thing, others another. The one thing they’ll all have in common is that there is a need for SEO and online marketing but that there’s different ways to do it. Some advocate just SEO, others will have a different opinion.
Podcasts are a new departure for me so please be patient while I find my ‘voice’ ­čÖé

This first one is just a general look at why SEO is vital and online marketing can be the difference between success and bankruptcy. It’s short, just ten minutes and is intended to just be an introduction to the subject. If you’d like me to cover a particular subject please just let me know in the comments.


Social Media is Important

Even if you don’t on a personal level use social media in this episode, we take a brief look at why you might want to use it for your business. Remember that Facebook alone has over 2 billion users, far from losing ground, it’s still steadily gaining it. So maybe it’s time for you to rethink?

The Importance of Links in SEO

Everyone knows that links are important for SEO success right? Well, not always and often people just don’t understand the how or why of links. What they do for search engines and what they do for consumers. In this episode, we take a brief look at it.

┬áTrust – Important for Google AND Consumers

Something that’s in short supply these days, trust. But this is something you need to establish with both Google (and all other search engines) and consumers. Without it, your business will fade and wither on the vine. This podcast discusses trust, very briefly but hopefully, you’ll research it more yourselves.

Marketing Budgets – You Do Have One Right?

Small business owners often wonder how they’ll fit everything they need to do in the time they have. Apart from running the business that is. Let’s face it, sitting down and working out a marketing budget is not the most exciting thing in the world. In this episode I talk briefly about why it’s a good idea to actually do just that.

Integrated or Multi Channel Marketing Plans

On a similar theme, we talk in this podcast about the importance of integrating your off and online marketing plans, which also means you need to apportion your marketing budget too.