Marketing Your Business Online – what we do

The simple answer to the question “How will you bring me in new leads?” is “Whatever it takes!” Depending on your particular business strengths and niche, the marketing plan will be unique to you. It will always start with the website, we’ll do an in depth audit to see where we can improve it (if we can) this will include user testing to ensure that your web visitors can easily find the information they need.

You only have 5 seconds to show a visitor where they can find what they need. They’ll ‘scan’ headlines and links to check they’ve come to the right site so we want to make sure they quickly find what they need.

Online Marketing – What Your Business Needs


Getting Attention

getting attention for your businessYou need to introduce yourself to consumers. Unless you’re a multi-national brand with instant recognition, people won’t search for you, unless they know you exist. This is where social media and brand awareness campaigns come in. whichever level of service you choose, it will always include introducing your business to consumers via social media. Consistently posting interesting and relevant content to showcase your business.


Being Visible

marketing your business onlineSearch, that is they way people search and research a potential purchase has changed and will continue to evolve. That means they way you market your business has to change too. You need to be visible across many platforms, so that, when a potential customer searches for your product or service, they find you. This is not about ranking on Google (although that’s always good) it’s about making sure you have listings on and citations from the major platforms like national and local┬ádirectories.


User Friendly

marketing is about customer experience tooPeople don’t want to waste a lot of time trying to find what they want on your site. Marketing your business online doesn’t just mean getting lots of website visitors, it means you must also make it easy for them to buy. You must convert your visitors into buyers. You do that by making sure they can easily find what they want and, that the experience they have doing business with you is a good one. Do you have a strong call to action? Is the site easy to navigate? All of these things will help your online marketing efforts.