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A little about the experience of us at Aspect Digital Marketing

All the way back in 2000, I did SEO for a website, the first big step forward in my career. That was an important experience for me, opening my eyes to the world of possibilities online. From there, I moved on to building websites and writing copy. I knew that I had found my calling in life and that I was on a positive and healthy path. If I stuck with what I was doing, I also knew, good things were going to come my way. So, I did just that, continuing to build my base of experience and to expand my knowledge any way that I could.


In the course of my career, I have heard it again and again: “SEO is dead.” I can tell you, however, that SEO never really dies. Rather, it changes. SEO evolves as technology evolves and as people’s needs evolve. People are always using SEO differently, but it remains the same game that it was when I got my start nearly twenty years ago now. I prefer not to shout out all my biggest clients, because I think that many of them prefer to think of me as their “secret weapon,” the ace in their pocket to give them the edge they need to beat out their competition. I should at least tell you this, though: the services that I offer are the same services that large digital agencies offer. The difference? I charge a “family business” rate, affording you the opportunity to get the best without overpaying!


It is true that I am sometimes choosy about the clients that I work with. There is a reason for that: I like to work with businesses who share my view of digital marketing, namely the view that this process works best when we have formed a partnership. Staying on top of changes in the Google algorithms and using only above-board tactics, I am proud of the work that I do for my clients, and I am going to continue to operate in the same way. Aspect Digital Marketing stands for quality digital marketing above else, digital marketing that is effective and clean. I strive for visibility, giving you the benefit of all my experience and all my knowledge, hard-won over the last two decades. Some things work, and some things do not: I can show you the difference.

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