Ensuring your site is ‘Better Than’ not just ‘as good as’ the competition

SEO and Online Marketing should focus on what your company needs, cost effective and affordable online marketing that’s flexible and keeps up with the ever changing search marketing landscape and that produces results.

Every company is unique and so their marketing must also be unique. We offer completely customizable levels of online marketing to suit every need. We don’t offer ‘guaranteed number one ranking’ because no one can. We ensure that your site is highly visible and found where people are looking. It’s not enough to be ‘as good as’ your competition, your site needs to ‘be better than’ your competition.

We research your competition and local market, discovering what consumers are responding to and allowing us to help you be ‘better than’ instead only ‘as good as’ your competition. If you want to gain the attention of consumers, become visible in search results and help your customers tell others about you, give us a call on (+44) 02921 28 7350 in the UK or (+1) 602-334-0527 in the US

Attention – SEO & Affordable Online Marketing

online marketing - getting the attention of potential customers

Getting attention is the first step in SEO and online marketing. How do you get potential customers to pay attention to what you say? It’s a crowded world and people have huge numbers of suppliers to choose from.

You need to stand out and grab their attention.

That means that you have to advertise both on and off line to generate some interest. You have to post content on platforms that they spend time on so they get to know you. The advent of mobile devices has changed the way people shop and, how they make a buying decision.

Is your site mobile friendly? Does it show well on any screen? Do you make it clear what it is your want your site visitors to do? Google has gone to a ‘mobile first’ index, this simply means they give more visibility to websites that display well and load fast on mobile devices.

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Online Visibility – the way forward.

Online Customer Lifecycle

SEO and Online marketing is about visibility and is as important if not more so than rank. That’s because with search now so personalised it’s difficult to measure rank. Google itself can only give you an ‘average’ rank for each page.

Now you have come to their notice, you need to be visible in all the places they might look.
The way they shop has changed. Instead of just going to Google and searching for a product or service, people will search other sites like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Pinterest and YouTube. You need digital marketing.

Looking for consumer feedback, looking for what others say about you, especially those that have already done business with you. Online is where you’ll find it but you have to engage with the consumer.

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Influences future buyers

MARKETING - word cloud as colored word sphere - NEW TOP TREND

SEO is about getting your website ready, Online marketing is about bringing visitors to your website, but what then? Now you have the customer in front of you, or on your website, it’s down to you and your staff to ensure the experience the customer has is not just good but great.

The experience they have will end up as part of the buying decision of others.
No matter how much you advertise, or how much you spend on getting visitors to your site, if their experience is not great, you will lose in the long run. They will tell others. When they do, you want the story they tell to make you look good.

To do that, you have to make your customer feel good. You have to care about them and how they interact with you and your business. Because if you don’t, a competitor will, and steal your customer.

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