Why you need to combine on and off line plans when marketing your business

Marketing Your Business

marketing your business on and offlineWhen marketing your business do you actually need Google? Well in a word yes, you do. However, you shouldn’t rely solely on Google to bring in business. You need to be doing more than just trying to rank on page one (which is very difficult to prove as search results are very personalised) you need to do things to get people’s attention.

You need to do offline promotions for your local area, especially if you’re a small local business. But here’s the rub, depending on […]

Facebook buys shopping search engine TheFind – Business Insider

facebooko Facebook continues it’s attack on search. That is, Facebook is integrating more and more search components into it’s social sharing monster. And truly why not? It has over a billion users, more than half of whom are regular users.

The people on Facebook share the things they like, so for an advertiser that means laser targeting in a way that Google Adwords can’t at this moment in time.

Facebook, if used correctly can generate serious traffic and has something that Google doesn’t yet. Which is the ability to easily add a ‘shop’ […]