Why not all online search marketing is equal

Search marketing – It’s not all equal

Written by: Jacqui Cooper

bet at some point if you’re a business owner or manager you’ve been approached by someone selling SEO/Online Search Marketing Services. I’d also be willing to bet that some of those people have guaranteed you a number one rank on Google.

I’d go even further and say that some of you have taken the plunge because a lot of them will be charging very little for “Local Search Marketing” or whatever they call their service. Finally, I’d also bet money that many of you were […]

Content Marketing – why you must do it

Content – Marketing Must Have


marketing on and off lineany companies today are tired of SEO, they don’t like it, don’t trust it and think it too costly for the return they see on their investment. It’s very difficult to value a link from another website or mention of a company on social media. Yet without SEO of some kind many companies would disappear from web results and that would damage their profits.

What most companies (whether small, medium or large, privately owned, sole owner or corporation) fail to remember is that even […]