Multi Channel Marketing

multi channel marketingAll people involved in running a business, either their own or as an employee should read the book written by a Google employee and based on wide ranging research conducted by Google. It’s about multi channel marketing, or how the consumer now decides to buy.

The book is called ZMOT – The Zero Moment of Truth and shows quite clearly how marketing has to change to keep up with the way consumers now shop. Gone are the days when a TV ad could drive massive sales. There are so many TV channels to choose from, the cost of reaching the same amount of consumers you could when there were only 4 channels to choose from is prohibitive.

Though actual costs for an individual ad may have gone down, so has the reach of any channel. This means to reach the same number of people you have to buy ‘spots’ on 100 – 200 and more channels. Putting TV ads as a sales tool out of reach of the majority of businesses.

TV and Radio are now the stimulus for a consumer to start the buying process, not the call to action that will get them handing over cash. Today, they’ll jump to the internet to do research, even when they intend to buy locally.

Research shows that especially for costly items like cars, white goods and travel, people do a lot of research online. They use different channels, like social media, review sites, industry blogs, company blogs, comparison sites, forums and ‘question and answer’ sites like Quora.

This means that by the time they actually talk to a salesperson, they have an enormous amount of information at their finger tips. What does this mean for the business, it’s about creating a great customer experience. Price is not always the deciding factor (depending on the product) a great customer experience can overcome price difference.

Multi channel marketing is about reaching and interacting with consumers and existing customers on many platforms. Social media, video, podcasts, blog posts, in fact anyplace that people get together and talk is where ideally, you need to also be.

Offline this is very difficult, online is a whole different story. Here, you can have a presence on many platforms, the more you have, the more people you’ll reach. Don’t make the mistake however of having a vacant presence, a profile somewhere, that you never look at, use or engage with. People will dismiss you and you’ll lose out.

Generally speaking, if you can only manage one social profile, go for Facebook. It has a billion and a half users with 745 million daily mobile users. 31% of seniors in the US and 66% of ALL 16-34 year olds are on Facebook. that’s a huge reach and one you should be using.

Multi channel marketing is here to stay, as technology progresses, things will continue to evolve in online marketing. You need to keep up. Sign up for our newsletter (we don’t send them very often) and stay current with what’s working.

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