Why you need to combine on and off line plans when marketing your business

Marketing Your Business

marketing your business on and offlineWhen marketing your business do you actually need Google? Well in a word yes, you do. However, you shouldn’t rely solely on Google to bring in business. You need to be doing more than just trying to rank on page one (which is very difficult to prove as search results are very personalised) you need to do things to get people’s attention.

You need to do offline promotions for your local area, especially if you’re a small local business. But here’s the rub, depending on […]

Virtual Reality Marketing

Virtual Reality Marketing In The Real World

virtual reality marketingirtual reality marketing has been around for some time if you include site like Second Life, a virtual reality space where you can do almost anything that you can do in real life, except touch and feel what you touch.

Maybe that’s finally set to change. Google has got into the Virtual Reality game and if Google sees it as a marketing opportunity (it can sell advertising) then smart money might be placed on it becoming something that retailers might begin to think about.

Of […]

Content Marketing – why you must do it

Content – Marketing Must Have


marketing on and off lineany companies today are tired of SEO, they don’t like it, don’t trust it and think it too costly for the return they see on their investment. It’s very difficult to value a link from another website or mention of a company on social media. Yet without SEO of some kind many companies would disappear from web results and that would damage their profits.

What most companies (whether small, medium or large, privately owned, sole owner or corporation) fail to remember is that even […]

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

get a marketing plan togethero matter the size of business you run, having a marketing strategy is imperative to your success. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing it yourself or, have employed an agency, you need a plan!

Today, people shop in a very different way than even two years ago. Next year their habits may have evolved further, you need to know how they shop now and, how it changes as time goes by. Then you need to incorporate these new habits into your marketing mix.

Traditionally, the marketing department, the […]